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Balboa High School Dual Diploma Online Program

The Balboa High School Dual Diploma Online Program (Balboa Online) is an online US high school academic and mentoring program.

Balboa Online provides students with more than just an academic pathway to higher education institutions in the United States; it also instills stronger comprehensive English skills, more pragmatic applied language skills, and a deeper, wider cultural and world-view. Most importantly, Balboa Online will impart upon students many “soft skills” necessary to their success as international students, such as: creativity, leadership, independent problem solving, reasoning, debate, collaboration, critical thinking, and public speech.

Administrated by fully certified US teachers, the course allows non-US students to complete a US high school diploma in addition to their local high school coursework. Coursework includes: Language Arts, English Literature and Writing, American History, Government of the United States, and Economics. Together with the science courses that students take at local high schools, these online classes form the Balboa Online High School Dual Diploma Program. Students must simultaneously meet the graduation requirements of both Chinese and American high schools in order to obtain a Sino-US high school dual diploma. Students can complete the dual diploma program online, or transition from online to face-to-face courses.

AEG’s Balboa Online High School Dual Diploma Program allows Chinese students to be more competitive when applying for college admission.

For more information please visit us at wangxiao.astonschool.com