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AEG provides international K-12 programs in Asia (China and Vietnam) through its Balboa International Education Division, cooperating with local elementary, middle and high schools and domestic students, allowing the students to register with a program offering a two-country education. Balboa International Education’s flagship program is its high school Dual Diploma Programs, which have been running for more than 8 years.

To ensure that the education between the international and American classrooms are properly synchronized, all of the classroom materials used internationally are the same as the classroom materials used at Balboa School in California.

Program Highlights

1. Balboa International Education offers a full U.S. education, including honors and Advanced Placement Courses at the high school level.

2. High school classes are designed to be integrated with the SAT, ACT, TOEFL and IELTS test preparation classes.

3. All foreign teachers are native speakers and qualified teachers.

4. All courses are taught using original American high school textbooks.

5. Students' grades are evaluated using the most advanced grading and student evaluation system, ensuring that all students are assessed in the most accurate way.

6. Balboa International Education has successfully helped numerous international and dual diploma high school students gain acceptance into their dream universities.

7. Balboa International Education provides programs with an excellent support team.


Standard Curriculum

Balboa International Education offers the following courses to Dual Diploma students: Introduction to Literature and Writing A, Introduction to Literature and Writing B, World Literature and Writing A, World Literature and Writing B, American Literature and Writing, British Literature and Writing, American History A, American History B, American Government, Economics.

Honors Curriculum

Honors curriculum is an optional addition to the high school dual diploma program for students with a higher English level. These courses are different from the standard curriculum in that they delve deeper into subject matter and the courses are taught at a faster speed to accommodate the students' learning abilities. Honors courses also put a much stronger focus on independent learning and critical thinking, both of which are essential for success in university. Class participation is also encouraged by providing honors students with a much smaller teacher-to-student ratio.

Advance Placement (AP) Curriculum

AP courses are a type of course developed by the American College Board. The courses allow students currently enrolled in the Balboa School High School Dual Diploma program to take advanced level courses that will offer them university credit. AP exams are recognized by universities all over the United States and completion of classes allow students a greater variety of classes in university, as the students will be able to take a larger amount of electives. Top schools in the United States, such as Harvard, Yale, MIT, and Princeton value students who have completed AP courses.

High School Transcripts

The Balboa International Education High School Dual Diploma Program is responsible for submitting and translating the students' American and local course transcripts at the end of the second to last year of the program.  Balboa International Education will provide all students with the records that are required to apply to a student's dream school.

Educational Tracking and Assessment

The Balboa International Education High School Dual Diploma Program tracks the students’ daily activities and creates a diverse assessment of the student, allowing local administrators and the Balboa team to track the students' development easily.

For more information please visit our website at: www.balboaeducation.com