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At AEG, our Vision is

“To be a part of the learning journey for every student.”

We are proud and honored to have the chance to be a part of the learning journey for so many students around the world. From toddlers learning their first English words at our language programs in Asia, to young learners perfecting their spoken English and traveling the world with our Educational Travel Programs, to high school students in our US-China Dual Diploma Programs who go on to top US universities, and on to adults freshening up their English skills at our programs in North America – we strive to find ways to help more and more students every day.  We work hard to ensure all of our students have a unique and enjoyable experience studying with us.

At AEG, Our Mission is

“Changing Lives”

At AEG we have the privilege of being able to educate tens of thousands of students every week.  We employ an American educational theory in order to be best able to provide students with the skills needed to succeed in life. We start with English listening, speaking, writing and comprehension, and more traditional soft skills such as confidence, team work, and initiative.

For students that study with us long-term we have a real ability to build skills like leadership, public speaking, creativity, and reasoning which have a lasting effect on their ability to succeed later in their lives.  Our focus is not just on academic skills or English language acquisition but on changing our students’ lives through providing a high-quality, authentic American-style education.

We continue to strengthen their learning experience through educational travel and overseas study opportunities where they become cultural ambassadors, culturally aware and able to adapt to their surroundings, and able to build relationships and thrive overseas or at home.

At the peak of our Pyramid we have a large number of students achieving academic success and success in life both in China, Vietnam and abroad.  We strive to help these students study at great schools like University of Wisconsin at Madison, University of Washington at Seattle, UC Davis, UC Irvine, UCLA, UC Berkeley, and Cornell University.

At AEG we have a “Change a Life” Scholarship for very talented students, where we offer a full paid scholarship to Balboa School in San Diego with the goal of helping the recipients receive acceptance into top American universities. Our goal is to have 30 percent of our graduating class at Balboa School get acceptance into Ivy League schools in three years.

We believe we can help Change the Lives of all of our students, and they will change our lives in the process, and they will go on to Change the World.

At AEG, Our Core Values are—Excellence、Integrity、Teamwork、Innovation


Excellence means keeping promises to customers and exceeding their expectations. It means we demand high standards in all that we do, and we focus on continuous learning and innovation across the organization. High quality, professional work and customer care is expected, and rewarded.


Teamwork is the best way to solve problems, and effective teamwork requires respect, open communication and sharing, as well as tolerance and acceptance of cultural and lifestyle differences. At Aston we thrive to operate as a team-oriented organization and we encourage the sharing of information, resources and opportunities across schools, teams, cultures and the entire organization.


At Aston we build relationships based on trust and integrity – with customers, as well as with our employees. We value responsibility, and believe that only integrity and fairness can establish long-term stable cooperative relations which will allow us to thrive as individuals as well as a company.


Being open and actively looking for alternative solutions to problems and being willing to change the way we do things in order to better serve customers is something that is core to the Aston experience. We encourage staff to go out on a limb where necessary to get the job done in the most efficient way possible.