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AEG, through its Balboa International Education brand, provides “one-stop” overseas study services and college counseling for international high school students; making a long-term overseas study plan, starting from Grade 10, which includes course selection, standardized test prep, and club participation to create a well-rounded college applicant.  We provide professional guidance for students’ college selection, university application process, as well as post-graduation guidance and advice for students’ pursuit of career and personal growth after graduation.

Advantages of our program

1. Our team is a part of student life, and is active on campus and in-school activities, working closely with students to improve their high school career.

2. A 10:1 advisor-to-student ratio, allowing for personalized and attentive counselling.

3. Our professional and experienced overseas study service team not only assist with the application process, but also act as life coaches for students.

For more information on our College Counseling programs please visit our website at www.balboaeducation.com/college-counseling