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Educational Travel (Overseas) for Young Learners (5-14)

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Education Travel (Overseas) for Young Learners (5-14)

Aston has been running education travel programs around the world since 1998 and has sent thousands of students on amazing, life-changing programs around the world. Since 2017 Aston’s Education Travel programs are run under the “Winner Camp” brand and “Aston Abroad” sub-brand.

Aston’s overseas education travel programs send hundreds of students every year to English speaking countries all over the world.  With a focus on the USA, UK, Australia and Singapore, Aston has deep overseas resources and 20+ years of experience, allowing us to provide unique, exciting and fun, safe, high-quality programs to fit different student needs.

For young learners, overseas education travel means showing them the way of life and learning overseas. Whether students participate in a theatrical course, a US traditional summer camp, or study at our Balboa School in San Diego, California, we are giving them an opportunity to expand their minds and immerse themselves in a new culture.


  • Experienced and professional chaperones and team leaders
  • 20+ years of brand history, with nearly 10,000 satisfied education travel customers
  • comprehensively improve children’s self-reliance, interest in learning and self-confidence
  • Broadening students’ horizons through cultural understanding, helping mold future global citizens.

Core Guiding Principles - 5 Literacies + 8 Core Competencies

5 Literacies:

Scientific Literacy, Humanistic Literacy, Health Literacy, Environmental Literacy, Civic Literacy

8 Core Competencies

Creativity, Initiative And Will Power, Kind Heartedness & Social Morality, Learning & Exploration, Cross Cultural Communication Ability, Communication & Collaboration, Leadership Accountability and Social responsibility, Aesthetic Judgment

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