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Aston Educational Group opened its first school in China in 1996.  Since then Aston Educational Group has opened more than 110 schools and employed thousands of foreign teachers.  For some teachers, Aston has been a stepping stone to higher education or international business, whereas for others Aston is still the place they call home.  We are proud of the teachers that have worked with us over the years, and excited by the new teachers that continue to join us here in China every semester.  We hope you will all take advantage of this once in a life time experience and thoroughly enjoy your adventure with Aston in China.


For locations, contracts, requirements, testimonials, teaching information, current vacancies and all the information you need for becoming a teacher with Aston, please  visit www.astonrecruiting.com.






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Vietnam is a truly unique Asian travel destination, and teaching with Aston in Vietnam an exciting and rewarding opportunity.

Aston Vietnam currently has multiple locations in Ho Chi Minh City and expanding quickly. There are plenty of opportunities to teach, and for teachers to progress to management positions and/or move to other schools in different parts of the city and eventually the country.

We look forward to answering any further questions you may have and welcoming you to a truly fascinating part of the world.

Feel free to email Mr. Minh at nguyentrucminh@gmail.com and he’ll be happy to give you further information. Or visit the website: http://www.aston.edu.vn/ to learn more

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