Press Releases


• Aston Educational Group Debuts at NAFSA                                                                                               June. 10th, 2014

• Aston Pushes into the Counties of China                                                                                                    June. 21st, 2014

• Future MVP from Balboa City School                                                                                                September. 20th, 2014

• “Teachers Strive for Perfection” Aston English National Teaching Competition in full swing                 October. 17th, 2014

• Aston was awarded the Best Brand Influence of the Foreign Language Training Field, by China Daily and 21st   Century                                                                                                                                                December. 19th, 2014

• In the Name of Love, Hope, and Prolonged Life, Aston Educational Group Devoted to Charity         December. 27th, 2014

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