In the Name of Love, Hope, and Prolonged Life, Aston Educational Group Devoted to Charity


December. 27th, 2014



We believe that everybody can show mercy or kindness in different times and occasions. We believe that we can provide help to sick children and exhausted parents, no matter how much help is needed. At least there’s still hope, and hope is a good thing.


This year saw a different Christmas, after a two week charity bazaar from Aston staff and students, the charity donation drive completed on Dec.26 as scheduled.



Aston volunteers, Red Cross staff and an assistant manager dressed as Santa Claus drove to the home of the first child. His name is Li Jiahao, he is twelve years old, suffers from congenital heart disease and autism, and is being raised by his single Mom. They live in a dark room which is less than eight square meters, and share the kitchen and washing room with neighbors. Aston's Santa Claus donated 1000 RMB to them with a warm greeting card and 6 apples, representing safety and good luck.



The second child is a girl who has suffered from leukemia since she was 13 months old. Her name is Fan Yaqi, and she is now two and a half years old. After twice surviving infection, she now has to travel to a clinic for chemotherapy every Friday, and to a hospital once a month to prolong her life. We feel very sad for her and her parents because they have to bear the pain and torture in their mind for a long time. Aston's Santa Claus donated 1000 RMB to them along with a greeting card and 6 apples. We hope they have good luck and send warm wishes for a better new year.


As volunteers we’re not God, and lack the power to bring the dying back to the life, or change a person's destiny. We can only provide a helping hand in their troubles, as a light in the dark, or a stove in the frozen winter, giving hope and love in a hopeless time. Thank you all, Aston staff and volunteers, for your efforts and donations to those needy children, we wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.


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