“Teachers Strive for Perfection” Aston English National Teaching Competition in full swing


October. 17th, 2014



On the 14th and 15th of this year, 2014, Aston English’s National Teaching Competition Finals took place in the Spring City of Jinan, with great success. Coming from Aston schools all over the country, 30 foreign and Chinese teachers gave 20 minute class demonstrations. On the sidelines was a large audience as well as a panel of judges, all looking for the best techniques, English fluency and overall teaching ability. The competition was also designed to improve team-work, raise awareness of teaching techniques and promote communication, making education the main goal. This year marked the third competition in as many years. At its inception, the competition was designed only for Chinese teachers. However, its expansion to include foreign teachers meant that there were many more attendees this year. All teachers present at the final had made it through several preliminary rounds. It appeared that all teachers involved not only felt honored by their inclusion in the final, but also had the opportunity to learn new skills and education methodology, which will undoubtedly help them in their everyday working life. Many teachers reported: “This is not just a competition, but a stage that we can develop our skills on.”


Aston English is the flagship brand of the Aston Educational Group which was founded in 1996. The company now owns and runs over 150 schools in China and Vietnam, and has consistently shown its determination to maintain only the highest education standards. In an era of constant education reform, Aston has always been a leader of spoken and aural English, as well as improving the practical application of English for its students. We called all of our experienced teachers together in this way so that we can work out how to best apply our knowledge to comply with modern education methodologies. Being responsible for our students is just the same as being responsible for their education results. “Being a leading educational brand, originating in America and developed specifically for Chinese children”. This motto underpins our commitment to education quality, and our drive to have the gold standard of classroom experiences.


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