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Aston Pushes into the Counties of China


June. 21st, 2014


Aston English has responded to the need for county level franchise branches and the first county level schools are preparing to open.


Since the beginning of 2014, Aston English has embarked on a push into establishing county level franchise schools and this part of the market promises rapid growth. From the beginning of June, the first several franchise schools which are preparing to open are Jingyang County, Liquan County, Zhouzhi County and Mei county. Besides these franchises, we have entered into advanced negotiations from franchisees situated in other counties. With the strong brand and the rich seam of marketing experience which Aston brings, Aston English is likely to be the clear market leader in the education industry at the top end of the market in Chinese counties.


In recent years, the passion and investment that Chinese parents put into English training for children has grown immensely. Recently released statistics suggest that the total money invested in English training for children in China stands at about 14 billion RMB each year. Teaching quality, tuition fees, learning and teaching methods and practical skills are some factors that parents consider when they choose to enroll in a specific English training organization. With increased competition in level 1, 2 and 3 cities, the marketing and sales opportunities for English Education in the county market shows great potential.


During the process of promoting the franchise business in counties, Aston English creatively puts forward various cooperation schemes including Foreign Teachers being sent on a monthly basis from larger cities in order to make franchising easier and ensure the success and profitability of franchise schools and to fully satisfy the typical marketing needs of English education there. Throughout its 18-years of experience in the English training market in China, Aston English, (which has expertise in the field of improving Chinese children’s oral English and is dedicated to build English as their second mother language), has obtained a good reputation from the customers and favor from franchisees.


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