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Through the years, many of our employees have climbed the ladder of our organizational structure and built themselves long-term careers with Aston. Location managers are often former front desk staff or teachers who performed outstandingly and proved they had the potential and motivation to face new challenges and take on more responsibilities.

Many of our managers have now been with the company for many years and could eventually aspire to higher positions as the company grows. Current members of Aston’s higher management were once Customer Help Staff or teachers. Thanks to Aston’s desire to find and promote talented employees, they are now deciding the future of this company, and are great examples for our employees.


Managers, both Chinese and foreign, are usually identified and promoted within the teaching and school staff. It is vital for our company that candidates showing great potential be offered such positions which will allow them to create more value within the organization, and show their potential.




























As an international company, Aston is committed to Equal Opportunities and the management of diversity. It is committed to fostering and promoting a workplace where people are treated with dignity and respect and where people are valued as individuals.  We recognize that people with different nationalities, backgrounds, skills, attitudes and experiences can bring fresh ideas and perceptions which can make our work more efficient and allow us to provide better services.  We are committed to ensuring employees maximize their potential and their contribution to the organization.


At the same time Aston is committed to respecting the culture of the community our employees work in and upholding the company’s good name and reputation internationally.

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