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Established in 2009, Jiahua Language School (Jiahua) provides professional services in adult English and Mandarin training and maintains a thriving learning community for its students. Jiahua currently operates 3 schools in southern China’s Guangdong Province – two in Shenzhen and one in Zhuhai.


Led by a team of passionate and experienced teachers, Jiahua maintains complete intellectual ownership over one of the most efficient, encompassing, and interesting English and Mandarin curriculums available on the market today. Jiahua also boasts a solid culture of teamwork and perpetual self-improvement in terms of teaching standards and business processes. Jiahua’s family-like environment has attracted many of the best teachers in China to join as team members, and the school has grown from a small center with 12 employees to one of the most influential education groups in Guangdong Province. In addition, Jiahua’s reputation of excellence has earned them the right to collaborate with ShenZhen University to become the only private training center qualified to train and authorize the issuance of Certificates of Teaching Mandarin as second Language. With high standards and successful academic resources, Jiahua is working on becoming the market leader for English and Mandarin training in China.


If you would like to invest in a Jiahua School in your city please contact the Aston Educational Group Franchising Division (astonjiameng@astonschool.com) and visit our Franchising page for more information


For more information, please visit www.jiahuaschool.com; or send an inquiry email to jiahua@jiahuaschool.com



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