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“From America, Designed for Chinese Children”


Aston English is a brand of professional English Language training schools under Aston that focus on speaking and listening skills for 3-18 year-olds. Since the first school was established in Dalian, China in 1996, over 130 language centers have been established in cities across China. Aston English is the only English language training brand from the United States in China which is specifically designed for Chinese children.


Aston English provides three main courses:


Aston English Core Curriculum - Provides learners a complete English environment, while focusing on achieving communicative competence and developing confidence

Aston A+ ( - Provides high-end, personalized American-English study programs for children and teenagers between the ages of 3 and 18

Aston Supplementary English - Focuses on improving English language test results


Aston English’s 9 Key Competitive Advantages:

1. Over one million students and 24 years of brand history - Aston Educational Group has 24 years of brand history. Aston English came to China in 1996 and has served millions of Chinese students since.


2. Perfect team of teachers with a selection ratio of 100 : 15 - All Aston teachers, both foreign and Chinese, are trained and certified as TEFL instructors. The process to become an Aston teacher is very comprehensive. We have an enrollment ratio of 100:15.


3. Original curriculum and educational materials to shape talent - Aston’s books and training materials are designed specifically for Chinese students. We provide comprehensive English language courses for all Aston schools using our customized course books, interactive whiteboard material and GuaGua online learning systems. We provide a pleasant learning experience while focusing on students' listening and speaking skills.


4. Aston IPA Methodology promotes interest in learning - Aston English employs a team of foreign and Chinese teachers to instruct students and provide an interactive learning environment by utilizing IPA methodology. Thus, Aston students are able to have fun learning the language!


5. Internationally recognized education experts - Aston Educational Group has a strong education research team as well as a team of internationally recognized educational advisors. In addition to our curriculum and courses, we also offer professional education solutions.


6. Dual Diploma Programs to help students realize dreams - Aston Educational Group operates dual diploma programs, which help Chinese students receive an American education while remaining at their Chinese high school. It paves the way for students to enter top US universities, as well as offering many other educational opportunities.


7. More than 300 US schools for students to choose from - Aston Educational Group, thanks to long standing agreements with 120 middle and high schools and more than 200 universities, provides students with a variety of excellent study abroad choices. Top tier American high schools and universities help students achieve their dreams of studying abroad and having unlimited future opportunities. Aston students know that the sky is the limit!


8. From Great to Excellent - Relying on our impeccable reputation in the education industry, and utilizing the best resources, students are able to acquire the English language easily and quickly, setting them up for achieving their dreams.


9. 10 fantastic services provided for educational development - In addition to our courses, Aston English provides abundant value-added services and excellent support to ensure fantastic customer care. Parents of Aston students can easily see their children progress and grow with our programs.

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