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Aston Research & Development is the creative division of the Aston Educational Group. serving on the vanguard of English language learning product development. Relying upon a team of innovative and dedicated professionals, Aston R&D has accumulated years of experience in creating both traditional and contemporary education solutions including: mobile apps, educational software programs, online training platforms, iPad textbooks, interactive whiteboard materials, exam testing solutions and comprehensive course book series. 2015 will further buttress our product offerings, as it will usher in the launch of our digital kindergarten and elementary level English text book series for iPad. For more information on our products, please visit:


Our 3 core products for young English learners are:


   ■ English Playground (EP): A 4-level course series for kindergarten English learners (4-6 years old). Covering beginner and elementary levels, the series lays the foundations for command of English’s key disciplines through a mixture of engaging activities including: songs, games, stories, simple handicraft, pronunciation practice, and phonics-based exercises. Interactive iPad friendly versions of this course are currently in production.


   ■ Aston Interactive (AI): A 4-level (8 book) course series for elementary-aged, pre-intermediate English learners (6-12 years old). Through its carefully-organized syllabus, the series inspires students with lively characters, engaging storylines and motivating activities. Aston Interactive presents language in ways that children can not only understand and use confidently, but also enjoy while furthering their English studies. Interactive iPad friendly versions of this course are also currently in production.


   ■ Aston Kids Online (AKO): An English language learning software with content matched to both EP and AI series. Launched in 2012, AKO offers the guidance of a virtual teacher and utilizes intelligent speech recognition functions, which combined enable students to augment their learning experience at home in a fun and interactive way.


All 3 products offer the flexibility of being able to be utilized as independent, separate units or to be combined as a continuous and comprehensive learning system covering both kindergarten and primary school age ranges. Whichever option is chosen, students, parents and teachers will be immersed in a product suite that is designed from meticulous research into effective teaching strategies and embodies the highest education industry standards.



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